question to brakeless fixie riders

^ pretty sure Mr Zen is at one with the road…
due to a terrible accident, where he skidded so hard with his balls to the stem that his wheel caught fire and he was consumed by the skid-flame, and was reduced to ashes…

Therefore skidding is evil

Fuck I hate that word

I hate that word too. I was there at Zen’s accident, and the last thing the paramedic said, was “I’m sorry there is just nothing we can do to fixie him”

Do not confuse the pointing finger with the moon.

Here’s a quick tip. to most people here you’re just another dumb ass rookie that needs to listen and fucken learn, and if you’re in this for the long haul and not just jumping on the band wagon, you wont be offended when they tell you you’re being a fucktard. So keep your head down, search the fuck out of the forum, change your gay avatar, and earn your stripes.

And avoid using the word gay when you mean lame or just truly uncool.

truly uncool and lame doesn’t make me feel sick, ghey does.

Fuck off.

10 char

While I won’t deny that avatar looks pretty uncool - it would be arguable that it’s actually pretty gay in the strict sense of the word, not the colloquial derogatory sense

just sayin it’s possible


calm down kev, I’ve sucked plenty of dick to get where I am.

hi blakey! you and i were deleting at the same time. looks like your internet is faster.

This thread is soooooo fresco.

yees siiiir

i love you guys.

at least he is man enough to put himself in his av, unless of course you are mr.cozzo?!?

excuse me?

william hung - Google Search

I think we all change our avatar to William Hung.