Quick flip Macini (ADL)

Macini Xl steel bike, Colombus, Campagnolo record, Mavic, Shimano | eBay

This bike was up on gumtree 3 weeks ago on a Sunday for $100. I rang and the lady selling said she had someone coming late arvo for a look. I went about 1ish and checked it out, and told her I didn’t want to push in , but to let me know if the 1st caller pulled out. Also told her it was easily worth the Hunj. Big frame, maybe 59 ish that I could standover. Unknown tube set, with a ding in the TT, made by Pud from Pt Adelaide. Overall very nice condish with Campy running gear. I would have put risers and a rack and used it as a shopper.
This bastard has bought it and done the quick flip. Oh well that’s business I guess.

I would have given the 100 and ran. But yeah this happens

shit dave, shouldve offered some extra cash, totally worth it.

Yeh but you wouldnt want someone pushing in front of you, if it was your potential bike.

Yeah lunch cutting is pretty poor form. I’'ve had people hold stuff until I could get there and put others in a queue behind me. This lady new she had a guaranteed sale if the first guy was a no go. I just made the point of saying don’t take less than your asking price as I left.

Yeah I got done over on a mongoose Bmx yesterday win some lose some,


If the seller has no regard or respect for queues etc then fair game. Win some/lose some.

meh, ive had it done both ways to me, ie sold underneath me and held for me.

Ever thought he/she brought it, thought they could make it fit, couldn’t so sold it?

Big deal they made a couple of bucks for transport, listing, time etc.

Judging by his ebay name, and the amount of bike gear he is selling, id assume he was only in it for the cash, and that perhaps there was no chance of it ever fitting him/her.

No mention of the ding in the TT in the listing either.