Myself and a few of the other gold coast riders are thinking of coming up to have a bit of a mash tomorrow, I think were getting of the train at south brisbane and heading to to GEAR to get some gear then hit the city for some riding , Any places of interest we should check out? any suggestions?

anyone keen to show us around?

What time? It’ll be freaking hot during the day. Come later and do the Thursday night ride.

Yea that sounds like a plan , what time does the finish?

As far as I can remember 8:30 or so? Depends on the route but I’m sure we could do a city ride tomorrow night.

sounds good , were is the start point and what time?

At the top of the Brunswick street mall in Fortitude Valley; you will often find riders at a classy establishment by the name of “the Bank”. It’s at the top of the mall, on the corner of brunswick and ann st, people are usually there from 645. If you guys are up during the day, I’m keen for a cruise as it’s my day off.

In terms of places to see, maybe check out some of the stores like bent books and trash video at west end, maybe coorpooroo or fairfield skate park, kill the music and rocking horse records in the city, Alibi room cafe in newfarm, newfarm park. Depends how touristy you want to get, could go to south bank or catch a city cat somewhere…

I’ll be keen for a ride once if finish work at 3.

go to some places with lots of hills… :slight_smile:

If you want to take a ride out to the University of QLD along the river I can pop my head out and say g’day. Look at the map below, it’s a great ride as it follows the river for the most part. Maybe Jamie or Bender can show you the way? If you were to get here around 3:30-4:00pm I’ll shout you a beer! Then I can ride with you all to Gear via some other nice spots and hang there until it’s time for the Thursday night ride?


+1 for not riding in the middle of the day, between 10am and around 3pm its pretty feral, but if you stick to the cbd its not too bad, there is usually a nice air con draft exiting a shopping mall on most streets in the city :smiley:

What about whickham street down to brekkycreek and back up through tenerife? Tho I guess that’s just a slightly longer Thursday night ride…

Bomb edward from he top down catching the wave :sunglasses: awwwww yeah

I’m happy to meet up anywhere in the arvo , I think were gonna train it up and just jump off at south brisbane or anywhere its easiest to meet up. I have no idea how to get anywhere around the city :expressionless: i only know how to get to GEAR :smiley:

thanks for the quick reply’s

alot of guys meet at gear at 6pm anyway and head into the city from there…

Finish at the Joynt, west endies! Bless


killer , i will be coming up solo , meeting up with bender in the arvo and staying around for the Thursday night cruise :smiley:


where and what time are use gunna meet up in the arvo? cause i got sfa to do today so i might come in early

meeting at GEAR after 3:30 or so

aight well dont wait up for me cause lazyness may yet prevail but ill c what happens

no problems dude :smiley: