quill stem - can't get it tight enough!

I’ve just changed over to a slightly shorter quill stem; It is below the min insertion line, and cranked down on the bolt until I’ve almost rounded it off.

It’s a Cinelli 1A, and I have good quality allen keys (park), but just can’t get the stem tight enough that it doesn’t turn if I crank on the handlebars.

This has never happened before; any thoughts? Please help!

Fuck duder, youve got the wrong size handlebars!

Could be French sized? 22.0mm instead of 22.2mm. If not originally, then maybe someone has sanded it?

Maybe try carbon paste - that sometimes works. But personally, if the stem is slipping I reckon it’s too big a risk to ride. I’d put it in the parts bin until I needed a French stem.

I thought he meant the stem into the fork tube was slipping when he turned side to side.

For a few year, Cinelli stems only took a 26.4mm Cinelli bar. To use a Japanese 25.4mm bar you’ll need some shim. European 26.0mm bars might work OK or you might need some shim.

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Sir kev is onto something… I’ve seen more than one cinelli stem that has been ground down/sanded to fit into what I guess was a narrower steerer made of ze gas pipe.

Otherwise, start by taking the stem apart… unscrew the round nut and take the bolt out… clean it up and grease the threads, where the bolt head sits and inside the lower section of the stem where the nut inserts. Clean and grease the inside of your steerer tube.

Failing that, get a cinelli stem with a wedge… the expansion sleeve/nut combo are shit in comparison.
Failing that, get a nitto.

Are the bars twisting in the stem or the stem twisting in the steerer tube?

If it’s the bars it’s probably because the the stem is to suit 26.4mm bars and you’re using something smaller. Use a shim or get a new stem.

If it’s the quill in the steerer check that the bolt has enough thread to do up all the way, someone may have changed it out.

Lol whoops.

sorry - shit effort at describing original problem.

quill section turning inside steerer tube. Looks like a clean up of the steerer tube is in order.

It was a new stem, so hasn’t been sanded to fit, and a standard 1" headtube. I’ll clean up and regrease and report back!

thanks guys

i’ve actually got the exact same deal with my cinelli xa

maybe cinelli just make horrible stems.

From what I’ve heard, they are not known to be a manufacturer of quality products.