Me and a few others on here have Enlightened Equipment Revelations. I bloody love mine.

I’ve just read about this guy making quilts. The design is a fair bit different, but they’re handmade in Australia so no shipping/exchange rate dramas.

Evan AKA Terra Rosa Gear is also dabbling in quilts too, and is in Melbourne.

I wish I needed another bag/quilt but I have more then I have bikes…

Thanks for the link to the Aussie guy making them!

disappointed when i didn’t see something like this:

I’m looking at this one: http://www.snowys.com.au/Hiking/Sleeping-Gear/Ember-EB2-Quilt-Regular.aspx?c=10&sc=75&id=8320&utm_source=search&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=search

Seems similar to the EE Rev - thoughts?

Nice finds WCP. I am another extremely happy EE Revelation quilt owner, thankfully bought prior to the AU dollar tanking completely…

Sweet to see more local options!