Quite possibly the nicest bike I've seen on the bay

70s DE ROSA PISTA track frameset 57cc Campagnolo vgc - eBay (item 360385417880 end time Aug-15-11 08:48:36 PDT)

from Prolly.

It’s okay, I guess. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Wow. I agree.

How good is the photo with the front wheel spinning - look, no spokes! (Nice and true though)

Not enough panniers for you, Mr Heavy “I’m over it all” Metal?

^ At first glance I thought someone had photoshopped out the spokes! embarrassed

Gorgeous bike, was a little disappointed it is for the frame and fork only.

no panto forks?

sweet mother of jesus. possibly the most beautiful bike ive ever seen???

and that unicanitor looks so flat!

I got one of them but in red…

its amazing what photographers can do these days

Me wants de rosa

Dunno about this one. It’s beautifully presented and in stunning condition but Ugo built frames (it would be Ugo if it was from the early to mid 70’s) usually had a subtle and refined elegance in all the details that spoke of quality and details that showed the master builder was above his peers. Something about the track ends doesn’t seem very Ugo-esque … more like a later production frame where the tangs weren’t even filed or shaped where they meet the stays. These are just slotted and brazed and I’d be critical of such even on an Aussie built frame from that era.

Either they’re a repair, Ugo rushed this out the door on a friday arvo or it’s a later frame with earlier decals. Or Ugo just wasn’t as great as we’ve all come to believe.

The photo’s are nice. But the frames had a respray and repro decals, there are nicer de rosa’s out there.

I’m never selling mine…

Are you leading Dan or about to be lapped?

This. And what’s up with the detailed description of the parts and then saying oh it’s not included…

Very funny… I managed second and third placings in the B grade scratch races last night for the record. :slight_smile:

sick chops =)

Fantastic mate