Quoc Pham shoes

Anyone bought these?


Not for everyone I know, but I reckon they’re well priced for what they are, classy, hand made blah, blah. An alternative for classic toe clips and strap set-ups.

they are nice lookin shoes on the website, would be good for rides where you have something to do at your final destination

They’re very cool. Understated too. And about bloody time :smiley:

how much do they cost? You cant get a price until after you’ve logged into paypal and I dont really know if that will count as a commitment to buy them

I’ve seen 90 (GBP) around the various reviews of these.

yep, says 90 quid on the website without logging into paypal

must be doing something right to only have one colour option available

Too bad there is no SPD option.

I think these may just convince me to ditch the beaten up vans, that being said £90 hurts a little

My 94yo Grandma used to rock a pair just like these as ‘smart casual’.

But then again her sneakers looked just like Vans too.

these suitable?


they are both hawt shoes…
we likes…

Ordered. $160 AUD including postage. Will review ASAP.

Look forward to the review, I just ordered a pair with a raised toe, so they fit my 1980’s Campy Chorus pedals

Did you get a custom made order trigger?

Sort of, I just emailed the dude and asked if it was possible, he said not normally but that he’d do it anyway. It’s an extra 30 squids, so 120GBP all up.

Also he said that he’s working on an SPD version.

Yeah Mate… those are brilliant… I like the Sportivo model w/ SPD… I wonder how well they go walking in them.

are there any other shoes like the Sportivo with spd on the market?