Raceface Cadence CX Crankset

This crankset might be worth a look for someone looking for CX specificity.

Race Face 2011

I’ve ran the RF Deus XC on three of my mountain bikes, and their SS Deus on the one gear, brilliant stuff. I wish I’d know they built an outboard bearing Fixed/SS road crankset, I would have went with Raceface over SRAM (just ordered the Omnium).

I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed with the omniums. I’m very happy with mine with over a year of all weather commuting.

Know a few guys riding these back in canada (b/c the team they are on gets/got stuff from RF). I can get a better review if you want.

They arent unhappy with them but the running joke is that they are ‘the biggest producer of scrap aluminium in British Columbia’ thanks to some of the lower end stuff they started making (and in bulk).

Has anyone bought RF yet? There was apparently quite a lot of stock (cant remember the estimated value but it was very hefty) sitting in their warehouse not being sold as they were ‘bankrupt’. I had heard they had turned down an offer from someone.

Yeah they got bought.

Race Face Is Back - The Canadian Heritage Continues - Pinkbike.com

Seems their reputation has gone downhill fast… my limited experience with raceface was with their XY seatpost. It was/is bloody good, though that was bought about 8 years ago.

I see what you did therrrrrrre