Raceline with Campagnolo Disc

How has this not been snapped up?

If I hadn’t just bought a khamsin i would have pulled the trigger… can’t be bothered with the parting out thing…

will buy the crank set if someone on here wants to part it out.

Because its not a touring bike

Post of the day

More like;
Keep sugino 75s and disc
Sell everything else
Break even

don’t make me ride up there (slowly & meanderingly)!!!

I know next to nothing about old discs let along new ones, what are the Khamsins made out of?
Would it be better than the current campy pista tub I have on the rear of the Ken at the moment?

^ it would look better… that’s about all I have to offer to the discussion.

heavier, but better aero. so theoretically higher top speed, but will affect how long it takes to get there, so depends on what you want to achieve.

Someone has to buy this before I hit BIN, the amount of times I have gone back to the eBay ad and then talked myself out of it is ridiculous.

Actually bang on for weight, they’re both close to 1100grams for the rear wheel… So just aero benifit, looks and difference in how it winds up. I imagine it would be a hell of a lot stiffer, but the campy pista does just fine for me.
Fark I still wants eet though

Just looked at my ebay and realised no one has hit BIN on this yet, only an hour to go! Maybe put a bid in for $500?

lol i was going to bid in the last hour…

Ahhhh sorry man, I reckon you’ll still get it. If someone was really keen they would have hit BIN already since even that is very cheap.