Racing at Blackburn Velo about to start!!

This weekend sees the start of the Blackurn Cycling Clubs summer track calander. For those starting out, or those that want to race every week please come down and join the festivities as racing is graded from A to E.

Check out for more information and what racing there will be on the days.

2pm Saturdays… that could work!!

BigOx: How do the grades compare to Tuesdays and Thursdays?

If you race say D grade and finnish in the top 10 regulary, then i would say Cgrade at BBN would be the grade to look at. Same with the rest until you get to A grade which should comtain the likes of Jamie Goddard, Tom Leaper, Steve Martin, Barry Woods, and others.

I almost forgot to mention that on the th we are having a swap meet at the race day as well. So if you have any old bits you would like to sell or trade (if that’s waht people want to do) the please bring them along!! That’s Saurday October 20th with a full afternoons racing as well.

Oooh an afternoon of watching track racing! :smiley:

Hrmm why does there have to be so many things happening on Oct 20th?!? BBN Swap meet, Jayco HUN Tour and birthday’s to celebrate!

Well for horrible weather that was offered on Saturday there were still 43 riders battling it out for prise money.

There was a bit of an unlucky crash in the first B grade race where there was an overlap of whells and 3 riders went down.

Still a great day riden by all and hopefully more next week.

Just remember there is a Swap Meet and next weeks race day so bring your old bits if you come down and sell, swap with all the other riders. Check Out for more info.

I will probably be rolling past this week to have a look - See you there Ox!