Racing at Caboolture track sat 14th

The Moreton Bay Cup on Wheels scheduled for Saturday 14th January 2012 has been reclassified from an Open to a Restricted Open event.

All entries completed online will be forwarded to the promoters and all future enquiries should be forwarded directly to the club. Line entries will now be taken on this event.

Track open at 1pm for warm up racing starts at 2pm

So if youse got a licence then race- but be good cos I’ll be a commissiare!!!

It is very imprtant we use and promote Caboolture track - once they rip up chandler there will be no track aorund the cbd, and the chances are no on will afford the prices charged at the new wooden track 2014.

I’ll post the programme for the saturday event when i get them.
Oh and there is also a juniors track training camp on the weekend and they are all being bussed down form chandler to caboolture for it- going to great to watch too- if anyone wants a lift- may be able to arrange something if you can get out to chandler, I can give you and two,maybe three bikes a lift to caboolture.
I’ll be out at the junior training camp.

Qld Government would not dare make the new track unaffordable - no matter what Cycling Qld thinks.

The Sleeman Centre is not run by the government directly, there in lies the problem. Other sports there are also being stung badly by their over pricing. Either way Nerang and Caboolture are free.
Just saying support them and if you’ve got a licence and legal track bike see you saturday arvo .

i have got a few of the lads organised to do a group ride saturday night, werewolves (there’s a thread), so if not for this probably would have been there

yep - blame scott

I’d be there too in my old Bramble Bay skinsuit to support support Duttons on my old track - but unfortunately I have to work at another venue that is managed by a private company on behalf of Stadiums Queensland (who manage Sleeman) on behalf of the Queensland Government.

I can tell you despite the 3 layers, my venue is run by the gov directly - and I have a pretty good understanding of the structure at Sleeman.

I stand corrected, but it is interesting when prices are jacked up, who pleads innocence.
I would be very interested in how the pricing and rules are set, there is a different price structure for racing and training, with different Sleeman staff required at either events.
It seems that there is a little bit of misinformation being passed around, thanks for the insight.

yeah - seemingly irrational management structures and proceedures are totally out of the orindary for governmental agencies/organisations

PW - I’ll aim to catch up with you Tuesday night if you are around to discuss.

i know we spoke about this saturday, but i was a bit pissed, whats the general program like for saturdays at caboolture?

They are not running it again for a while.
Get a group together and get along, if there are others there play with them, otherwise you can play with each other:)

I’ll talk to you Tuesday at chandler.

sweet, i’ll get a crew organised soon, probably about 3 weeks time