Racing Licenses

I have tried to contact both MTBA and Cycling Australia with little luck. No returned phone calls or emails.

Basically I am wanting to start racing track. To do so I need a cycling australia license. I am hoping that once I have this license it will cover all MTBA events as well (CX, Dirt Crits and XC races) but I can’t seem to get an answer based on this.

I am hoping to get once license to cover all, instead of spending both fees for MTBA and Cycling Australia which will be over $400

Has anyone got any knowledge on the best way to make sure I can race both disciplines?

You need either CA with the MTBA upgrade or MTBA with the CA upgrade.

CA (road, track, CX)

MTBA (DH, XC, ENDUUUURO, trials etc & CX)


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Pretty certain it is cheaper to get the MTBA licence and pay for an upgrade to CA licence so you an race track. Though cannot find price on CA for the membership upgrade for those with a MTBA licence…

On the MTBA site, the upgrade price for a CA member to race MTB is $60 so hopefully similar in reverse?

CA licence renewals should be coming up soon, if not already, so you pay your ~$300 and you will be covered from now until 31/12/16

*only good value if you don’t already have a CA licence.

You can do a maximum of 3 sessions before you need to get one as I understand it. Someone down at the track will be able to clarify it for you though. If you come along on a Sunday soon, have a run around the track and let the commissaire you know how to ride a bike. Then on Tuesday they’ll probably let you race if you’re going through the process and already have a valid MTBA licence.

I know you don’t have a track bike yet so you can borrow a club bike on the Sunday and potentially on Tuesday too. You’ll just need to arrange it first. Your best bet is just to ask Nathan I reckon and he’ll steer you in the right direction. I’ll be going this Sunday so we can do a bunch of laps together and you can get a feel for it.

Yeah, Nathan didn’t have an answer for me either.

What time on Sunday?

Normally it’s 2-4pm. I’ll ask someone about it tonight.

EDIT: Below are the details of the guy who runs Sunday open training and is generally running the show on Tuesdays too. Dunno how often he checks that email or if it’s even valid now that the bikeshed is a different shop and all.

Brian Simpson
Level 2 NCAS Cycling Accreditation,
Mobile: 0408-122-263
Details: Coaches Road and Track,