Racing on the track...

Hey I know it doesn’t appeal to everybody, but I’d like to encourage all of you ‘racing’ around on track bikes on the street to have a go at riding and racing on the track. There is nothing special about it - you just sign up and ride. Races are graded so you can usually find a group that suits your fitness and strength.

There is nothing quite like the thrill of flying around the track at speed, employing tactics, manipulating your fellow riders, taking advantage or their weaknesses and working out what your strengths are. Plus it’s a great chance to meet other cyclists and maybe even push yourself outside your comfort zone.

If you are interested, you don’t even need a bike - just come along to a track session (CSV come-n-try or BCC Sunday mornings), introduce yourself and get involved. Yes, it does get competitive, but it’s also a whole lot of fun.


. . . . and people could learn some bike handling skills at the same time.

Chiba Matsudo Keirin Velodrome 333m


i’ve seen some very, very seedy dudes hanging out there.

i went to the seoul olympic velodrome the other day and it was also full of bike-heads… not. there was mini boat racing on tv, the competitors were dressed a lot like keirin riders. unfortuantely the track was caged up, but i got a small glimpse before the crowds pushed at the tv and squashed me out of the entrance.