Rack Life

A question for the rack mavens of FOA. I have Nitto M18 front rack that I want to fit to my Soma Double Cross canti fork.

The problem is the rack stays are kinda short. Using P-Clamps is kind of a kludgy way to mount it and also the rack stays get in the way of the canti posts.

There is about 30cm’s from the mid fork mounts to where I want the rack to be. The perfect solution would be a set of these from Rivendell but postage kinda makes it an expensive operation. Bike24 has these Tubus stays but the diameter of them is 8mm vs Nitto’s 7mm.

Do you think it would be possible to use the Tubus stays and sand the diameter down to 7mm where they need to go through the eye bolts?

Cut down wald stays? I’ve got a spare basket you can butcher

Sell M18 or reserve for future project and get M12.

Or, VO Pass hunter.

Yup. That’d do.

See, I’m beardoizing.