RACV bike scheme


sounds like it’s set up to fail. 20 Mins for bike use? An auto group administering a bicycle scheme?

a longneck to the first pic of one up a tree

(must be high up enough for viewers to think WTF?)

Do they come with helmets attached or something?

No. They are relying on everybody walking around with a spare helmet… just in case. :roll:


<a href=“http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/31/world/europe/31bikes.html?_r=1&hp”>Reckon it’ll go the way of the french scheme?</a>

I abhor schemes like this. All they achieve is to add another smoke screen for the government, like how they quote the 100s of kms of bike paths yet never quote the usability of these paths or how well they connect together. The government* shows utter contempt for the cycling community, but then they get their mugs on the face of the local rag promoting cycling through introducing a bike hire scheme. Just another tag line they can add to the response letter I get from them after my monthly complaint letter.

  • An exception is my local councilor Helen Abrahams who I actually pass regularly on my commute to work, and also saw on the Gold Coast 100km ride riding by herself (unlike certain state politicians who do the same ride as a propaganda tool). She is also about to sponsor our local bike polo! Consequently she dissed the bike hire scheme here in Brisbane, go figure that they wouldn’t listen to the one councilor who actually would know anything about bikes and the cycling community.


I like these kind of bike schemes.

they are a good source of parts.

dude, have you seen the bikes they’re using? there will be no parts worth stealing there…

Doomed (purposefully?) to fail. And only 600 bikes compared to ~20000 in Paris?

…$2.50 a day or up to $50 a year…

…Users then have the bike for up to half an hour for free…

…Those who fail to return a bike within half an hour will be penalised heavily. Bikes returned after two hours will cost $20, and bikes kept for more than 10 hours will cost $370…

…Spur-of-the-moment decisions to use a bike will be hampered by the requirement for all users to wear a helmet. ‘‘Initially we’ll be encouraging people to bring their own helmets with them,’’ Mr Pallas said…


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a conspiracy theory! i love it!

just like the electric car.

I put on my robe and wizard tinfoil hat.

Doomed. Good intentions + political process + public/private partnerships = fail. RACV, what a joke.

2 longnecks for the first to post a RACV Bike Freeride video like this.

Who the hell will use these bikes?
$370.00 for 10 hours… geeze, don’t visit the pub and forget the bike!

Force the people who run the scheme (and all pollies) to use the bikes as their only form of transport in Melbourne.

Maybe there’ll be some changes when they have some ‘skin in the game’ (or on the road - as the case may be).

seems remarkably ill conceived. of course, no doubt RACV will be using the km’s covered by the bicycles to offset their carbon emission as well. the only way something like this would work is if they made all the streets in the city grid a helmet free zone and reduced the speed limit to 30km per hour. then it actually might work quite well…

Obviously it’s a good idea but the proposed implementation sucks big time. I wonder if any consultation was done with BV.

in other news, i have a good idea for the next alleycat!!!