Rad little tourer/town bike

This is cool,
Reynolds 531 1960s 70s Touring Commuting Bike Sugino Campagnolo Fujita ECT in Sydney, NSW | eBay

That’s great.
Seller sounds like a top bloke too:

i could do that! but not for the sake of waiting all week for someone to bid, if you are serious then i will consider it, i am sick and tired of people saying that they are really interested, then never bidding, if you have ever seen anything i have packed you will understand my problem with this, it would take me a few hours to do this properly, i dont have a problem making sure this gets to you safely, but i do have a problem saying yes and then been jerked off no offence! regards gary

hahaha didn’t read that,
I kind of understand where he’s coming from though.

Totally, but going on the attack just cos someone hasn’t hit “buy it now” is a bit rich. Seller needs some communication skills, or to understand that people aren’t bidding cos they don’t like his prices…

his chas Roberts tourer is pretty sweet too, needs a little TLC though perhaps.

That looks like a rear rack on the front, kinda derpy.

More concerning is the COTTERED aluminium crank. Eep.

I really like this, but the price is clearly a little high. Been for sale for ages. As nice as it is, the need for respray/tlc etc blows the cost out. I guess if I really needed or even wanted it it’d be a different story.

yeah, that too.