Raid the Clem7

Has anyone ridden the new tunnel?
I hear the BQ Great Brisbane Bikeride will go through it.

I wonder if anyone’s game to raid it. I know I’m not. :mrgreen:

Further to this, I’ve heard they will “make an example” of anyone who does it. Not a good idea. Heck, it would have to be a stinking, toxic place anyway.

i am riding it as part of the mt cootha challenge and that’s all i will attempt… i have seen the amount of cameras that they have installed at each entrance

I am registered to ride the cootha challenge which will take in the Clem7.

If I was a gun sprinter I would love to bomb it - with no id on me :slight_smile:


Is there room for bikes in there or is it a suicide mission?

What about the new Go-Between’s bridge? Im up for a late night jaunt if anyone else is! :evil:
Ive been looking at it and it seems fairly clear of work gear.

Already been there - They don’t even have barriers up at the moment. Nice view though.

Go between bridge. Lets do it. Friday night ride maybe?

Its on!
What time?

good one dickheads.

That’s not the answer…but then you’re not very good at finding the answer :smiley: