Rainy Days

Given the recent (and on-going) shitty weather in Brisbane of late. Just wondering what people get up to on day when riding a bike just doesn’t seem like a practical thing to do.

k go.

fit splashguards

Skid for about ten blocks…

Dress appropriately and go for a ride.

Wet weather warrior:

cô cô Duyên

Or get on the rollers…

I suck it up as it’s my only choice to get to and from work/shops/pub. It’s not as bad in Brisbane because you don’t get the shitty combo of extreme cold and wet. That said I rarely go for a ride in the rain by choice, that’s what my fluid trainer is for. One of these days I should really get around to building a wet weather bike.

I ride this all the time and have no probs with rain:


^ that’s pretty hot!!

watch true blood with my girlfriend.

needs a rear fender though

play xbox


So it was you who outbid me on that bike.


I see you round Ima cut you.

Not really, I probably shouldn’t have bid on it. Couldn’t really afford it.

+1 for full coverage mudguards and raise you 1 for knee length waterproof socks from sealskinz.

Porn, animal porn, gay porn, dwarf porn, scat, fisting monthly…then bike maintenance, track standing in lounge room, reading a book, patch repairs, shouting random shit at the locals, hanging shit on engineers, designers and any mother fucker that does art, Porn, animal porn, gay porn, dwarf porn, scat, fisting monthly…repeat

poor monthly. you could probably wear him as a rain hat.

So it was you who pushed the price up!

(It’s awesome BTW)

Just so long as you don’t start calling new forum members on the T&C’s.

ive got enough room to do monos from the back of my house, through the kitchen and into the lounge room. its pretty special and reserved for those wet weather days when my housemates are out…

that’s just fucking sick. those poor apples.

oh yeah, who doesnt like getting it into Granny Smith

watching them get peeled. exposing their core. i lose it if i see a seed