Raleigh & Harding track frames.

Both of these are quite nice. Paint job on the Harding is pretty sweet.
People should snap these up!



Both are very, very nice and reasonably priced.

wow, they are awesome.

That raleigh has given me some inspiration on a paint colour for my primed frame…

will have a bid at the Raleigh

someone please sell me some double crown forks…PLEASE

haha mine are exact same as those:)

I am picking them up from the ‘de-chromers’ tomorrow…

Holy fuck I’m pretty sure I just came.

That Raleigh is so fucking hot… Then I saw the paint on the Harding!! Why oh why must it be Xmas time!!! Fork on the raleigh > than all other forks.

I’ll make mine first and see how they go :wink:

bidding on the Raleigh, thanks for the heads up JLN!

Is drilled ok jase and what length steerer.

No problemo.

damn i want that Raleigh

haah dayne, not drilled and about 190mm steerer.

i think i know the one your gonna offer me =D

so the seller said it may not be a raleigh frame, if this is the case is it a rip off or a bargain for this price? can anyone identify it?
one day left to bid and unsure!!

at current price, certainly reasonable. raleigh or not, plenty tidy. not sure how much value being raleigh would add.

it doesn’t look like any raleigh i’ve seen. my raleigh (and others i’ve seen of similar vintage to ebay frame) has wrap around seat stays. also BB lugs extend down chain stay, and fork crown details are different. also, i doubt paint (even powder coat) would completely obscure serial number which should exist on BB. but i’m no expert.

How is that Raleigh going? I kind of wish I kept it.

funny you should ask, i’d been riding it flat out until yesterday, when a bottom bracket cup somehow managed to break inside the shell. so it’s retired until i can figure out how to remove the remaining part. long overdue for a serious overhaul anyhow.

any one get the raleigh?

how did the harding get no bids? ended early? surely worth 350!

Yeah I know right!!!