random amusing link

found on fixed gear gallery.
the girl must’ve stacked it pretty bad
Fixed Gear Gallery :: Bianchi Pista

There’s something about girls covered in blood that really turns me on.

Do you watch True Blood? If not, you should.

I haven’t seen it actually. I’ve heard conflicting reviews. But based on your recommendation I will check it out.

Well if nothing else, there’s girls with blood on them :slight_smile:

Wear your helmets ladies, don’t break your pretty faces.

or your not so pretty ones… ugh

edit: Ianhuman, I’m guessing you like the “bloodbath” scene in the first blade movie then?
fcuking awesome moment in cinema

The second picture is what happens when your local bike shop puts together their bikes incorrectly!

alternatively what happens when n00b hipster fuckwits try to do gnarly flaps-to-stem skiddzzz while not wearing a helmet.

i take it your into menstro-porn, ianhuman?

I have the most incredibly perfect image response to this question, but it is way too NSFW for this forum.

is there really an issue with posting nsfw stuff here?
Put it in your blog anyway.
I wanna see that shit.

Yes, there definitely is.

And it’s even too NSFW for the blog I’m afraid. Or at least, it’s too gross for it.

I do have limits.

email it to me :smiley:

You must really like menstrual sex!

I’ll track it down and send it through.

Knowing your standards ianhuman, it WILL be bad…

I don’t believe it.

and the moral of the story is…

Wear a helmet.

PM a brotha!

This is fixed.org not perverts.org

kinda lolled at this.