Random Questions

My brother is looking for some frames to put photos in.

Simple black and white in various sizes. any idea where to find cheap ones or second hand ones he can paint?


where to find old mirrors that are huge - 4’ x 6’?? wreckers?

  1. Ikea

Try the better homes and gardens forum next door.

Since we are asking random questions, can you wear any helmet from overseas if you are racing TdU?

any helmet? i doubt it. wouldn’t it have to pass australian safety standards?

i was told off for wearing a catlike in a CX race in the states (cat 4 no less…)

Yes, as long as it’s UCI or local body approved. Or such is my understanding. Doesn’t have to be ADR’d.

Frames = op shops. There are always new, un-needed ones and a variety of older ones.

For how long has Geelong been spending the weekends in Melbourne?

(Just a random question for LucWheat)

as of monday 30th jan. moving to just outside geelong :frowning: (from NYC - going to be a shock to the system)

Even though I grew up in Oz it took me longer to adjust after moving back here, than it did when I moved to NYC. You’re gonna hate everyone and everything.

You’ll fit right in here, then.

Every winter since 1863.

So Geelong has been shagging the arse off Melbourne every weekend since 1863?

to be expected… so much to miss.

anyone know anything about storing a bike at Southern Cross station? or taking bikes on the v-line geelong trains?

taking bikes on vline is very easy. i used to do it daily when i lived in bacchus marsh.
on the old trains they go in the conductor/luggage compartment at one end of the train (can be front or back).
the new trains have little luggage areas near the middle doors (there’s stickers on the train to show which doors are located near storage areas)

also, just found this on their website
Vline Bikes

just called southern cross - seems there are self service lockers there, but the recommend only leaving a bike for 48 hours. pity. might have to look into a folding bike, or leaving it at geelong station and then taking it on the train.

anyone have a folding bike for sale?

anyone know where to go to find a second hand MIG or flux core welder?

What quality do you want, and what for

His MiG needs welding?

this is like the opposite to ‘ask dyldo a question’ thread…

Luc I’m a picture framer. I have a number of old frames you can have for free like (or a couple of beers if you’re feeling generous). PM me if you’re interested.