Random request: Custom clothing

So i have no idea who to ask so I thought I’d post it on here.

I hate trade work wear. I’m an electrician and I’m fed up of high Vis and oversized clothing!

So I’m hoping someone on here can point me in top he right direction. I want to get some custom made work pants. Tailored, yet very durable and with appropriate tool pockets for my trade. I’m soon to be self employer so I want something that is professional yet practical! I want to get it done locally so I can talk to someone face to face and try a prototype so I can make adjustments.

I’ve done some googling but I haven’t found much. Most of the companies seem to be run of the mill companies offering iron on printing for tee shirts. I want somewhere good!!

Can anyone help?!

I’m in melbourne!

Thanks in advance


How about this?

Thank you.

there’s that dude who made denim jeans in melbourne, i cannot remember the company name, but it is probably known by someone on here, because i think it was mentioned a few times years ago. otherwise it might be worth a shot pinning a notice up in building 8 RMIT in swanston st or wherever the fashion students are taught now, it might pique someones interest.

Max Olijnyk aka note to self makes jeans in Melbourne. He might be able to point you in the right direction and / or help.

Also, Dickies work wear can be found cheap(ish) on eBay. Some of their pants can be more slim fitting.

Have you checked out the range of FXD workwear? Maybe still not quite what your’e after but worth a look before you drop mad $$$ on custom.

also not directly helpful to OP, but i buy my work gear from here: UNIFORMS 4 LESS
way, waaaay cheaper than local retail.

If you know your measurements a bunch of online MTM places (Luxire etc) will make you trousers out of heavy-weight duck canvas with whatever pockets you like.

Feel your pain.

hi viz site gear for me that fits my chest/waist has comically short inseams / sleeves.

Slim cut Dickies / Get a tailor to take in standard gear?

This thread is relevant to my interests.

this’d be my option. i’m such a convert to tailoring.

even better when you can pay with baked goods (thanks mum!)

There’s that workwear place at the corner of Nicholson St and Moreland Rd, not sure what they do, but might be worth a call.

This was a dickish thing to post. Sorry about that. But I do think being able to sew your own clothes would be sweet.

I wonder if there’s a decent enough market for this kinda stuff? I reckon if there was, and a startup started doing it, and it went well for a while, then all of the more established brands would just start doing it too.