Random Xmas present question.

Bit of a weird thing to ask on a bike forum but seeing as you guys will probably know the answer I thought I’d ask.

I’ve mentioned before that me and my girlfriend are moving across from the UK in the new year. Family keep asking us what we want for xmas but theres no point in getting us anything to just have to send it over.

We’ll need stuff once we’re over though so just wondered whether there is something like www.amazon.co.uk in Australia and they can just buy us vouchers for that.


dealsdirect.com.au looks like the thing I’m after for plates, pans etc. Is that an ok site?

Dealsdirect - prices good, delivery can be sssslllllloooooowwwwwwww.

Plenty of discount chains here for those sort of household items, you might try Big W, KMart, Target for vouchers.

A Coles-Myer gift card covers most of the big shops and also gives you the option of blowing it at the bottle-o!

its not an option, its a given