rapallo and a Conceicao roadie

Conceicao has some nice bits, first gen DA etc…love it

could go for bargain

Conceicao Road Bike Dura ACE Cinelli in Hunter, NSW | eBay

rapallo looks over priced, but might be a good lowballer as i doubt it will sell for $180

Road Bike Frame Sugino Super Mighty Atom Retro Galli Vintage 3T Rapallo Cinelli in Brisbane, QLD | eBay

Rapallo has a cracked drop out, Bummer as they are pretty nice frames,
Joe Cosgrove made a lot of them.

ha! didnt even read about the drop outs.

I’m having a crack at the conceicao.

I like the DA cranks on the concy.

check this out first …


Spirito - beautiful, but slightly outta my price range (Would rather find a bargain on a frame and spend on the grouppo)… But 'dat paint… drool.

I love how the blue on the fork perfectly patches the park tools stand

I guess a lot of people had a shot at it. It was only $170 when I posted it and thought it might sneak under the radar, guess not.

i was in till about 500. crazy.

and i can confirm that spirito is not a Cock.

I have those cranks (minus the black highlights) on the supercommuter.

Got pipped at the post but I was fairly lazy. Shame as I would’ve been in Newcastle this weekend.

Cheap az on the Conc. Good score for someone.

^ True, those cranks would fetch $100+ on their own.