Rapha 500

Hey lads - Rapha 500, lets do it. Who is in?

Early morning rides to beat the heat and also use the day to sit in hammocks to recover for the next ride.

Happy to join some rides but family + going away from the 27th so I won’t enter the Challenge.

Yeah I’ll join for a couple.

This may not happen now - came back from a ride today and my house is in bits. Late notice tradie came in to fix a crack in a wall but instead he is plastering the whole thing, there is shit everywhere and things will need painting/cleaning/helping wife for a few days over xmas. Timing hasn’t really worked out for this one.

Still keen for riding while others are plastering walls :wink:

Like tomorrow arvo, Bruce anyone? Gonna need help to christen my (likely) new MTB.

What mtb??? So stoked!!

^+1. Did you get the Focus?

No, a Scott. Just posted it in the MTB thread, should buy tomorrow!!