rapha group ride app

Rapha iPhone app to hit Apple’s app store this week | road.cc | The website for pedal powered people: Road cycling, commuting, leisure cycling and racing. Voted the UK’s number 1 cycling website at the 2010 BikeBiz awards.

actually looks like a good ifone app

Two things I strongly dislike finally converge in a hideously convenient bundle of smarm.

Oh come on. The iphone is bad. But its not rapha bad!

I will be downloading this app.

you should check it out before writing it off…

no point in writing something off if you never try it…

I’m not writing it off. Just winding you up.

I did check it out when you first posted it. It sounds interesting. I’m guessing it combines some sort of message board with a live gps feed showing the relative positions of your crew [do iphones have a gps chip yet - or do they still triangulate off relative strength of mobile phone tower signals?].

I have a nokia 5800 though; not an iphone. So its not much use to me. I use Sports Tracker to log my rides instead. The Nokia has a proper GPS chip, maps, and turn by turn navigation. I can also get a bluetooth Polar HRM to add HR logging in Sports Tracker if I want.

my only concern with this would be battery life with the iphone. i have the iMapmyride app and have used it once for a 30 minute ride. it went from 100% when i left the house to 66% 25 minutes later and kept dropping rapidly until i turned the app off in the new “app bar” in OS4.

i imagine having the app running for anything longer than 30-45 minutes would kill the battery. might be ok to turn it on to check where people are, but anything longer than that and it’s probably not worth losing the ability to actually call the people you’re meeting!!

i’ve been working with a friend on a fixie app that uses the iphone’s accelerometer to record when you skid. after your ride it notes the skids and designates them as either ‘weak as piss’, ‘ok,’, ‘siqq’ or ‘epic’.

Hahhahahaa does it graph them as well?

yep, and this explains my involvement.

Wer can i download dis appz pleeeeese?

McKenny has also been in charge of calibration, but can’t skid better than ‘piss weak’ so it has limited functionality at the moment.

tr00, but i have a sweet haX0r that automatically says ‘ur so ill that we can’t even chart u’.

and presumably, to see how close your Sunday afternoon ride’s lanterne rouge is to joining you and the other riders at the coffee stop
…should say…

and presumably, to see how close your Sunday afternoon ride’s lanterne rouge is to joining you and the other riders for some dutch ruddering

Hey Stefan, where you been? Just hanging around, waiting for the perfect moment to get a dutch rudder reference in?

Sorry to offend, I forgot that you were dutch.

Moving house - haven’t had internet for a while and my work computer really doesn’t like FOA for some reason.

it’s not a new idea for connecting with friends on a ride.

gaydar.com.au - What you want, when you want it

so their research shows 45% have ifones. so most of the people in the group cant join in the ride. fail.

great idea for an app, but more people have Android phones so why are they always made for apple? they charge more for it and take more of the profits. most likely phones on competing companies wont be able to be in the same group ride?

Rapha is releasing all sorts of stuff; soaps, chamois cream, piles ointment

My prayers have been answered!