rapha - now with mudguards


to be fair, they’re in the uk.

Was about to make a smartarse remark, but as somone who puts on long nicks when the temp hits the low teens i should probably hold my tongue.

Mudguards are so cool, gonna mount my SKS’s on my road bike right now.

Snow is so much fun to ride through on a still fair weather day, but when the weather turns on you and the wind picks up it makes for absolutely horrible riding. Snow drifts where you can’t see the other side or where the road meet shoulder. Turgid brown snow from passing cars and trucks that hides puddles of ice cold water waiting to soak your shoe when you put a foot down into it. Icy blasts of wind that feel like needles on your face. It makes for good “hero” riding that you tell stories of for years to come, but during the ride it is just plain horrible.

Hell yeah it is.

Snow on the first and second days is okay.

Snow more than that will hide a few inches of ice and send you overboard with 24 bottles on Grolsch stashed in your BOgear toad.