Rapha tyre levers...

tripped up by auto correct!

those pedros are way too chunky.

I don’t drive a truck.

Wow. Now I have insecurities about the size of my tyre levers…

i broke a zefal lever (oui, red white and blue, no less) fitting a conti gp4 on a rigida chrina rim 2 weeks ago. until then i was a big fan of the zefal levers.

i think it was more a case of tough fitment than poor quality levers.

Schwalbe levers are good. Have managed to break every brand though

those soma steelcore ones sound great until you snap the non-steel cored ends.

michellin are my preferred lever for sure, but HMC and MaxPowers endorsement of schwalbe got me to try them and i’d say they aren’t too far behind.

yeah … I thought steel anything to do with tyres/tubes/rims is a bad idea. In theory you want your lever to snap before any other parts do. Forcing anything is not a good idea.

I have some maxxis plastic ones, very good.

So is this user error? My last Pedro:

I’ve done this to 2… both pink. They seem brittle.

other end of a spoon works gud.

So does a QR lever if you’re in a bind.

i only use single origin fresh ground beans through the aeropress.

What are you people levering that causes your levers to break?

I also have some Maxxis ones, they’re okay.

Must’ve been using some pretty excessive force to break a Pedros lever. I’ve used mine to install Challenge Parigi-Roubaixs without any trouble, and we all know how ridiculous they are, right Blakey?

How good is it when they take one of the strongest levers on the market, stick rapha on it and it breaks,

love it.

Pedro’s have been available in pink for the last 3 years. The rapha one is a pair combining the older pink with a new black lever.

Park tool levers rock. Followed by a mont set I got a few years back.

The easiest way to snap any lever is trying to install veloflex records on campy atlantas.

It’s easier if you notch the lever with a hacksaw, put it in a vice, and then bend it with some multigrips.

HMC, I concur.


Can do coke on the road too.