Rare 3rensho TT frame

I doubt you’ll see one of these come up again any time soon.

Who’s modding the mods?

Should be in the porn thread.

undecided if I like these frames or not, would be nice to see some pics of it built up

if it didnt say 3rensho on it you would all be laughing at how putrid it is


i dont know that bend is pretty sexy branded or not. but would love to see the angles when built up.

agreed +1

It has a bit of a Skidstar vibe to it.

I’d love to see it built up.

Same, i think it would look rad built up.

I needs silver Deep V’s or similar and all silver parts… not sure what bars though. Black tyres and grips though.

didnt masi do a frame like this which is like the skid star? tried to find it …

this one?
still fugly. yet to see the semi circle top tube look good on any bike. (yes, it’s a challenge.)

yep thats the one and damn its sexy …strip all the commuter things and some nice wheels and bingo have seen some sexy skid stars posted. by the way what is the masi model called?

the price is pretty putrid too