Rate my tour

Can’t remember if something like this already exists, I’ve been out of touch whilst travelling. This could be a place for dudes to give feedback on planned tour routes?

Anyway I’ve planned a tour from Portland-eugene-florence-oregon coast- eureka - redding then train to san francisco to do in september. (in canada now and ferrying to seattle, amtrak to portland)

Here is a image of le route

anyone have feedback having ridden this area/used the train/know anything handy. I’ll be warmshowersing/camping for accom.



Once you hit the coast there are lots of state parks that cost a pittance and don’t turn away hiker/bikers. If you want a warm showers host in PDX/Eugene, get onto it early.

I can’t comment on the leg from PDX to Eugene, but Eugene to Florence sucks on a Friday arvo with lots of pleasureboating / dune buggy traffic heading out.