Ratio Question

Just a quick question. At the moment i am running a 48x16 an want to make it easier, cause at the moment its fast but its bit to hard for some steep hills. So should i get a 42 sprocket and still have the 16 on the back, this would give me 69 gear inches OR keep the 48 and go a larger cog on the back, say 18 or 19. Im aiming for around 70 gear inches. Which one would be better. Thanks;)

19t on the back. You’ll also get 19 skid patches. It’s a bit under 70 inches, but buying a sprocket is a lot cheaper than buying a chain-ring.

It shouldn’t make much of a difference, except for the fact that you’ll end up with slightly different ratios. The easiest thing is to leave your chainring as it is, and just change the rear cog. This will be fine providing your chain is long enough.

Yeah so it wouldnt make much difference having a large rear cog like 18 or 19. and my chain should reach

If the chain fits, you’ve got no worries. It will be easier to pedal, and, it’s a great way to stay in shape! YouTube - Rides a ten speed everywhere guy

i had a 17t on my rear when i bought a new chain and had to take out 4 links to make it fit, which put the axle about a cm from the front of the ends. i then changed it to a 19t and that brought the axle to the very front. if you’ve got track ends you should be fine, if it’s a conversion it might play out a little differently, but in the worst case you’d only have to buy a half link.

it will be cheaper to change the rear cog!

Yeah i hit 60km/h on it, also i got track ends so it wil be fine. ( I hope)

answer 1 new cog = cheaper
answer 2 which ever one is more worn =will get more wear out of the remainder of the drive chain
answer 3 it does not matter all that much whatever is easier for you to get your hands on

and regarding the correct ratio, 42 x 16 is as near as dammit to 48 x 18, so that’s what I’d do too