Rawland dSogn

Too big for me but I genuinely like the one frame does all idea. Could sell for a reasonable price, thinking someone here might be interested.

Rawland dSogn Lg 650b All Road Mountain Touring Bike Pacenti Salsa Monstorcross | eBay

and to get a better idea

New Rawland dSogn build - Mountain Bike Review

“Rawland dSogn 650b mountain bike, designed by Kirk Pacenti”

Err, no, the fork crown was.

Commuter Cycles have a cSogn, an rSogn & a Drakkar in stock if people are interested.

thats some thin cro-mo!! 0.5 in the tt and 0.6 in the dt… i assumed it was a bit heavier than that.
What the weight of yours without bags, racks or fenders, Blakey?

Does. Not. Compute.

less than the chip on the shoulder that accompanies riding 650B wheels… i kid, i joke… :slight_smile:

That’s pretty normal.

Ha! thanks.

I wasn’t aware of that the “norm” had been establsihed for mtb/rough-tour/road crossovers, but now I am. I haven’t seen the Fargo tube specs, but I guess thats what you’re basing it on?

I thought it was a burly and overbuilt-for-lifelong-sake frameset, but thats 725/631 territory and right on some of the 853 specs.

Standard production frames tend to use slightly thicker gauge tubing because they expect a 120kg monster is going to be smashing it up … hence they are dull to ride (like a Surly, not to pick on them but they are the most well known). They really are overbuilt. The Rawland has slightly oversized tubing (28.6mm top, 31.8mm seat and down) which provides more strength than standard gauge tubesests of classic proportions (25.4mm top, 28.6mm seat and down) so they can afford to use a thinly drawn tubeset. In any case old school Columbus SL was 0.9/0.6/0.9 (from memory, and that’s fading) so is not far off.

It’s hard to tell from the pics but I’ll bet a whole lot on the stays and forks being much beefier (thicker guage) than on a normal road bike … to cope with the extra punishment and also because it’s designed for disc brakes. Touring/off road frames don’t have to be overbuilt but really do benefit from stiffer forks and rear triangles. That way the main frame feels lively and the ends are stiff enough to cope with the extra weight (if carried) or from the extra stresses of a rough road or single track. If you make the main frame overly stiff as well then the whole thing is unresponsive and a dog to ride on.