razor recommendations

Need a new electric razor and it seems like everytime I buy one it lasts about a year and thern just breaks… My Phillps stopped working without being plugged in after only six months.

Noticed from other threads a few people here have mad beardage so there may not be that many users however… what do people recommend to keep face fur in check?

I have never used an electric razor, but surely they can’t give you a baby smooth finish like a real razor.

I use these for my head and face.

I use the mach 3 as well, with whatever shaving gel is cheapest on shopping day. Does the trick.

I got one of these a few months back.

It’s as good if not better than a razor if you’re using it every day, really close shave. Can’t really comment on how long it’s going to last yet, but so far so good.

I have been using one of these for like six years. Blades are cheap as, you can get em at coles, and the shape is universal and will never change so the blades will never be discontinued! Oh yeah best bit - I recon the more blades the more places for hair to get stuck! Single blade, dip in water, instant clean. And they look sweet, you pick up the actual unit at most tobacconists.

I occasionally use a razor, but due to my epic cheapness/laziness I rarely have them in the house.

I’ve had one of these for ~16months


Goes alright, bought mine off ebay

I like the red colourways…

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Razor Scooter faceplant - YouTube

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Wait… what? Oh razors…

Damn, I wish You Tube would work at the office.

Not the exact one, but I use Wahl clippers similar to this:

That way I’m always stubbly. I hate shaving and I find this to be the quickest method save growing a beard. The battery is ratshit though, I’ve had two and they both only worked plugged in.

shaved my beard off last night for the first time in a couple of years. a good shaving brush makes all the difference. i just use disposable razors, cheap and sharp. keen to try the safety razor like lokione posted.

I got one similar to this. I hate shaving and if I use this every 2nd or 3rd day it’s quick, smoother than anything else and not as hard on the skin. It’s also waterproof which is sweet and has a little tring razor thingy good for around the old moustie. It’s changed my life and I am now clean shaven most of the time. You just can’t let that shit get too long though.

I also use a little Wahl. It has a battery stand to charge on which I run it on for about 1 hour every week or so when I clip (head + face). It came with 2 small trimmers (#1 + #1/2). Works good.

Was given to me as X-Mas pressy and came as a freebie with the Wahl Professional full size clippers. I’ve never had need for the full size clippers so if anyone wants to buy them from me, then Gillard me :wink:

I kinda think you get what you pay for. It also helps if you clean it and get all the gunk out of the trimmers, then drop a touch of oil in there. I think most of the consumer stuff is crappy which is why Mrs. Spirito went to a hairdresser’s wholesale outlet and spun some B/S to bag the pro pack for me.
What a woman !!!

Sewing machine oil is a good lube for clippers. Failing that, just spit on it :wink:


When my philips gave up, i bought a panasonic shaver too. Was cheap at about $60 - rechargable and wet/dry. Has lasted me 2+ years, and the battery is still pretty good.

Panasonic ES-SA40-K, Wet & Dry Rechargeable shaver, Single blade, Pop-up trimmer

Safety Razor’s are great! Definitely leagues above my electronic razor, though that was never great anyway.