re-gluing straps

got some nos cinelli straps, but the last 2cm of each has delaminated, only on one side, from the plastic(?) strip down the middle, want to glue it back down, has anyone done this? what were the results? i have some of the little strap end protectors that screw down, so once glued and installed they should be right, but is it just good old superglue, or epoxy or what?


Post a pic so we can get a better idea? I Don’t know what it’s called, perhaps Dylan uses them while upholstering, but you could get a rivet stamp or something like that maybe.

Super glue will dry brittle as will the wrong epoxie

A contact glue for shoes would do the job. Clamp it tight when it cures

here tis, shoe repair glue sounds like a winner

Shoe goo?

+1 - need a flexible glue as SK pointed out. Shoe glue or similar contact adhesive, allow to get tacky then clamp.

i think i’ve got someone to who will stitch them up, might pop some glue in before hand also

That sounds like the best idea.