Re: Mavic Recall R-SYS Wheel

Check this out…carbon explosion.

That is scary

I hope their shoes don’t do that.

old news mavic have always exploded :stuck_out_tongue:

when fat ass sit on them, everything will explode dude… :evil:

</3 harsh but true

Interesting to see what the official Mavic response will be, given this has occurred AFTER the previous recall.
Funny how steel spokes come out on top every time…

Apparently they put it down to “user error”

If you mean, it was an error to use them, yes, it was User error?
Mavic don’t come out looking good. More than likely, trying to cover their collective arses with spin.
Having said that, my favorite pair of wheels are 32 spoke Open Pro’s on xt hubs, on my SS ridgid 29er. Not bad for a road rim.

Yeah, I just read this:

Watch a bunch of douchebags. Not one of those so-called ‘facts’ can explain why the freaking wheel should explode.

Don’t touch the R-SYS, not with a barge pole!

bikesnob did a nice piece on it too.

fucking hell

Mavics got some big balls to make those claims.

I went for a ride on Saturday with a friend and we meet up with a guy he knew that I hadn’t meet.

First thing I noticed about his bike was these wheels. I asked him if he was serious and he said ‘yeah, they’ll be fine’. I thought, cool I finally get to use my first aid - but he didn’t crash :frowning:

But then again, I couldn’t get him to bunny hop them.