Re: Musings on the melburn saturday ride

Where r u guys and gals heading this weekend for the ride?

Wherever we feel like on the day!

(Unless it’s announced on the forum, things are usually pretty loose, destination-wise.)

City to Williamstown and back to Carlton for 9am-ish coffee on Lygon St is a fave. Otherwise, route suggestions are also most welcome.

If you come along Wormz, you can make the decisions.

It’s a Frontocracy - whoever’s on the front decides which way we’re going. Believe it or not, deciding where to go doesn’t seem to be something we’re particularly skilled at.

Every week, I say “I might be there this week” and every week something else comes up. So I suppose I’ll do it again.

I might be there this week. This time, probably without the Forester :slight_smile:

haha, “Frontocracy”, noice. I might see you there (and met you all!)

As apposed to a “Dictfrontorship” where the only member of the group who has had the ritualistic morning coffee, is the one in front!

umm… uuhhh…

looks outside

looks at BoM radar map

Should I?



rode in the morning with Fryshaun a few weeks ago but no one else turned up. I think some of the guys have committed themselves elsewhere.

If we want people to turn up i think we may need to set a standard route/duration or a program of planned rides and get a standing crew who will be there almost every week. That way we can weigh it up against the road and MTB rides and other stuff that people are doing.

I’ll be there again. 1/2 awake. If i’m sleeping at the bus stop please wake me as you head off

grumble grumble

Got there late this morning… must have missed you guys :frowning:

Must have been pretty late coz we were hanging around for about 10 min pass the time.

Hi all,
My name’s Fi and I’m new to fixed riding and to this site. I just wanted to say hello and given
that I am a Melburnite I’m keen to meet up for the Saturday ride. Is it still 7:30am at Fed Square?
I look forward to meeting a few more “crazy bloody bike riders” as I just don’t have the presence
to stand up for myself being a pint-sized lass!

7:30 Fed Sq.

You’ll get extra respect if you show up on Saturday and it’s raining.

I know I’ll be there even if it snows, if only to avoid the disdain I’d get from Des.

Rain is ok by me, it can be very refreshing and once one is soaked through it really
doesn’t matter how wet and uncomfortable ones arse gets!

I’ll be the short female on a little black converted mountain bike with yellow grips

Not sure if I’ll be there, wait and see how much rain there is.

If not hopefully catch up with some of you at the film festival next week.

Great shopping trip… I mean… ride this morning…

and now that we’re all home, the sun starts to shine!


I’m aiming to show up this saturday.

Saw a fixie bunch on swanston a few weeks ago, recognised Des and found my way here.


Welcome, see you Saturday :smiley: