Reader's Choice Awards aka Bike of the Year 2014.

Okay kids, you know the deal. The Official Readers Choice Awards (B.O.T.Y.) are back!

Same deal as 2012…I dunno if we did one in 2013.

There have been a lot of nice bikes posted in the “post your ride” section in the last year. It’s up to you, as a member, to vote for your favourite fixed gear / tarck / track bike of 2014.

The rules are extremely simple.

1.) Look at all the bikes posted in the post your ride section in the last year. They have to be posted between 01/01/14 and 31/12/14.
2.) Choose the bike you like the most out of all those bikes. It can be a track bike, street fixed, commuter, polo bike, conversion, trick bike, whatever, but… it must have a FIXED drive train (no road bikes or SS).
3.) The bike MUST be owned / ridden by a member of No other bike porn please.
4.) Post a reply to this thread with a link to the bike you choose. I repeat, post a reply in this thread with a link to the bike you choose.
5.) That’s it, you’ve voted for you’re favourite bike of 2014 on

Voting will open from now and close at midnight 31/12/14. Any replies to this thread after then will not be included.

The bike with the most votes will be deemed the winner of the third (?) official Reader’s Choice Award and their bike thread will be stickied at the top of the “post your ride” section for the next year.

Fine print: Any responses to this thread that isn’t voting for a bike will be deleted. Again, any responses to this thread that isn’t voting for a bike will be deleted. You can vote for your own bike if you wish, but do you really want to be that person? Once again, voting closes midnight 31/12/14, no posts after then will be considered. Any member on can vote (but making mutiple accounts to vote for one bike will be frowned upon / user will be teased and/or banned).

Have fun voting!

I think these are in the running:

Fixed Orbea Ordu TT, and my daily, Trek Soho S
Flite 100 - Everyday Ride
Pake Rum Runner, average parts
700c / 24" Funny Bike
Aventon Mataro Low - new daily commuter Pic not working, not sure if fixed or not
Malvern Star Single Speed
Kona Bandwagon
2013 kagero
Leader Renovatio
My First Fixed Gear
hgcolors custom modern, classic, etc…
Cinelli Mash Histo
'96 GT Pulse Kinesis
All City Dropout ‘Mongrel’
Peter Bundy Track
Pelizzoli Leggenda FOR3
Pake Rum Runner
My first project nearly complete indi500 frame - pics inside Unsure if fixed or not
Brian Rourke Track/Fixed Roadie
Perkins Max Track
On One Pompino Unsure if fixed or not
Corima Cougar Pursuit (Work In Progress, Help Needed!)
Colossi Cheeko
Ken Evans Pursuit
Vintage 1950s Northcote Track bike - Partial restoration
Gem cycles track bike
Vivalo Njs
Ravanello Track Pursuit (Japanese National Team Frame, not NJS)
LOW// Track Std. 2014
Cinelli “???” (Work In Progress)
Another Ravanello Track (Japanese National Team Frame, not NJS)
Colnago Master Pursuit
Cinelli Mash Histogram
A very very OLD Bike. Pre NJS Japanese made Everest Record Track
My First Foray into Fixed-Gear
Fixie Two Build Thread #SOTB

Edit: just a couple on hold - if the owners can provide built up pics, then they’re in.

Zunow Z1 Track Pursuit (Work In Progress)
Current Project: Nambei NJS Pics aren’t working

ill vote for this:

(i have a soft spot for max perkins)

My choice.

Bundy for mine:

Nzkiddo killed it.

But special mention goes to the director of #SOTB

Yeah that Ravanello with shamals. End of thread.

This one.

Carry on.

Corima Cougar Pursuit

Tough call this year. I’m going with nzkiddo’s Ravanello.

Absolutely Outstanding!

nzkiddo’s Ravanello.

My vote goes to the Perkins.

+1. Laser second

This one.
EDIT: needs better photos though,.

nzkiddo’s Ravanello

I love it when rogaine appears our of nowhere, but mate, we need a link or your vote won’t count!


Voting = Posting a link

Make your vote count - we don’t want Tony Abbott winning.

I can be trained … nzkiddo’s Ravanello