Rear dropout width

Just putting my new rear wheel onto my steal Centurion frame but there is a gap of about 2-3mm on each side between the inner nut of the hub and the inside of the rear dropouts. Should I just tighten both ends up so that the rear dropouts gets pushed in or do I need a spacer in there ? I have had an lbs tell me to just tighten evenly and the steal will bend slightly to accommodate this.


It will be fine to just bolt it up if its 126mm spacing. 130 and your pushing it.

the axle might slip forward due to the dropouts no longer being horizontal. I found this happened when i bent the rear forks inward but it may have been more than 2-3mm i cant remember.

edit: meant parallel not horizontal

That has never happened to me on a couple of frames. Its really not an issue

That’s how I have it now but where would I get axle spacers fr0m anyhow ? wouldnt mind being safe then sorry.

You should be able to get spacers from your LBS or just use some washers - put either in between the cone and locknut. It’s obviously easy and quick to do so I’ve always done that rather than flexing the frame.

Just check your axle is long enough to add the washers and still fit first.

I recently bought spacers for this purpose from iRide in King st Melb. $2 from memory and I think diff dims avail too.