Rear Rack Mount Adaptor

Iiiiiiiif you had a road bike that doesn’t have lower rack or fender mounts near the drop outs, is there an adaptor or something that could let you do this?

Google didn’t throw up much - Tubus do something, but looks like you have to replace the rear skewer.

I’ve put these on a housemates bike which lacked seat stay rack mounts., should be ok for down at the dropouts though dunno how much load I’d wanna put on them…

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I realise its from a Recumbent store but I’m sure some local shop will have them.

Apart from the tubus skewer doohickey, there used to be a doover that clamped into the hole in a Campy 1010 dropout and provided an eyelet, but you’re best off just getting some P-clamps, and not overloading it.

The best ones are these Tubus seatstay clamps. Very secure. You’ll need 2x pair, sized to fit your stays at the top and bottom.
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If you have an external seatclamp, you can get ones with built in rack mounts, but I think the tubus solution is better.

Salsa do these in 30.0, 32.0 and 35.0mm

Hmmm…is a 12kg baby considered overloading? :smiley:

Dunno if’d trust those clamps I posted with 12kgs of baby, why not just get a 2nd hand MTB or flatbar something with the right mounts. . . .

(I realise this falls into the classic FOA response, of just buy a new bike)

^ Damn you and your logic!

It’s hard enough trying to convince Mrs P!N2 that I need a road bike, yet alone a flat bar beater as well!

Thread closed. Was just wondering if there was something simple. Answer: no.

Is the seat tube thin, i.e. 531/SLX or nicer? Just get one of the ones that clamps a drop in mount onto the ST (like this Bikey Cycle Baby Seat Bike Accessorie - review, compare prices, buy online, they’re more comfy due to suspended design and not being directly over the axle)

I’d call into Commuter with the target bike, discuss your options, and then buy a late 80s / early 90s rigid MTB, put some Resist Nomads / Super Motos on it and go from there.

(IMHO, almost all kids I see in rear kiddie seats have the parent’s back /arse / bag smooshed up in their face, so visibility / comfort looks shithouse. Maybe a front mount or a trailer?)

yo l!ndon, i got some of these if you wanna try them.

yo brenno, if l!ndon doesn’t want them, i’ll take em. that kuwahara may be seeing some rack action…

I’ve already got a Topeak baby seat which I use on my sah-weet fixay, so I won’t be buying another one.

Target bike has not been purchased, just trying to mount(!) an argument to convince the missus that I need one.

Front mount baby seats aren’t much good once they reach a certain weight…or so I was told. I have a trailer too, but y’know, not having quick release skewers and all.

ok roly (or l!ndogg). i think i may have a rack and basket too.

All yours, Rolls.

[monocle popping]

[jaw hitting floor]

oh great. the beardo mafia is here. fkn, someone call spirito. i’m sure he’ll have a thousand words to say on the matter.

Vintage MTB wins again.
P!N20- happy to assist with ebay searches!

some friends have this designe of baby seat, works ok, baby gets a view and no need for a rack…

WeeRide - For The Family On The Go! - Kangaroo Center-Mounted Child Bicycle Carrier

shittest kids seat ever.

knees hit the seat, visibility is shit, and steering is compromised by having to go around the seat.

so shit.

fair enough, I’ve never actually seen them with it in action.