Rear slippage

Hey, so my wheel is slipping in the drops in the rear. even when its super tight. It is an external cam QR, but also happens with an internal cam QR. they are chrome drops. any ideas?

should i try and use an older steel QR?

havent had this problem before. this bike is a fucking nightmare. i swear its cursed.


Get a campy/shimano steel internal cam QR.

Do up the bolts so they’re on the axle (LHS is the important one here)

Is this your bike?

Yep go old steel shimano, and cam that fucker up hard, should work.
Failing that, DT Swiss RWS skewer

HAHAHA! 100% My bike’s name is now Christine!!!

cool. ill try a steel internal cam jobby. hopefully i didnt get rid of all my old skewers.

hey Horatio, whats good about those DT swiss ones?

I hate those DT Swiss skewers, I’ve only dealt with a few but one broke under light pressure.

get an allen key/security skewer?

I’m having the same issue with chrome dropouts. Does anyone have steel internal cam QR laying around?

I have the same problem on my good quality steel frame. No matter what QR I use it didn’t help.
My solution has been to tighten the QR so tight but don’t close the lever the whole way. There’s a point you can feel it go from tight to just a little bit loose. Not ideal and now it’s SO tight that when I backpedal the chain sags a bit. And I can’t stomp on the pedals because it still slips.
Yep. Steel is real alright.

This was my solution.
I add a little wet chain lube between the bolt head and the “washer”, so that when you torque it up, the bolt isn’t grabbing the “washer” and marking the chrome as much.