Rear spacing from 110mm to 120mm

Looks like I bought a frame that might need this done.
Can Gear do it for me?
Does anyone know of another shop that would have a crack at it in Brisbane?

The thought of doing this
makes me nervous

not a good idea- get hold of a 110mm hub, they are readily available.
Several modern makers have gone back to the old 110 standard.

anyone else agree with this?

if it’s only 10mm and it’s a steel frame you should be okay to stomp on it.
at least the way sheldon does it. thats only 5mm each chainstay.
i have to pull mine apart to get the hubs in, not quite as far, but they tend to spring back a bit.

isn’t it similar to widening your headstem with a screwdriver an extra mm for thicker handlebars?

Sheldon disagrees but I have done it a few times.
If it is a reasonablely made steel frame you can get 10mm out of it.

I put blocks between the chain stays near the trackends/ dropouts and gently drove wedges top and bottom to spread the stays checking with the a similar sized hub and aiming for a few mm over.

everything depends on the steel and the brazing and the gods of luck

If you are going to feel an ounce of regret if the frame gets buggered you are better off getting 110mm hubs

full face

You should be able to “spring” the stays 10mm when you put the wheel in, rather than trying to alter the stay width permanently.

You could also see if you can remove any washers off the hub or use lower profile cones or nuts.

To get the stays reset properly, Joe Cosgrove is probably your best bet in Bris.

Actually you might be right! I might even be doing that currently with my 1972 frame…fuck I’m a dumb cunt sometimes!
Good call on the washers etc too