rear stays distance

Simple question me thinks, axle length difference between a track frame and geared frame rear stay? If I’m using an old geared frame for a fixie do I need to spacers to align the hub for the chain allignment?

BMX: 110mm.
Track: 120mm.
Old Road: 126mm.
New Rad: 130mm.
MTB: 135mm.


That’s the distance between the locknuts on the axle. Axle length doesn’t matter. really.

If you are using an old geared frame, a 5mm spacer should work well.

To the best of my knowledge track spacing is 120mm, and roadie frames 126mm-130mm (to make room for all those :evil: gears)

anyone on here have one of those NJS frames that are spaced to accept the chain tensioner rings on the inside of the ends? are they 122mm? and do use the MKS tensioners with em? and can you take a close up pick of it for me?

wicked, thanks!

123, I believe…

Spacing(Standard): Front 100mm/Axle 9mm, Rear 123mm(chain tug1.5mm+hub120mm+chain tug1.5mm) )/Axle 10mm.

From: Kalavinka Track 01

Though I thought some NJS hubs were either 110 or 115, i.e., something a bit narrower. Maybe that’s an older standard. Not that I buy into the NJS fandom.

A close-up:

A closer-up: