rear vs front calipers

Anyone know if there is any diff between rear and front Shimano 600 brake calipers? I want to mix and match…

Thanks for any help. A

The bolt will be shorter on a rear brake and probably won’t fit on a fork.

The one I want comes with no Mounting Bolt Nut… easy enough to find one and modify, in your opinion?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure if you can swap mounting bolts - I’ve never tried. You might be able to find a long recessed nut.

Actually if it’s a steel fork, you might be able to get away with the rear brake on the front, I remember doing that once before with a recessed nut and it was fine.

I’ve got 2 pairs of 6207 callipers I’m about to put up on eBay if that’s the vintage your after. 1 long 1 short reach. Pm me if your keen.

mounting bolts different lengths. the thread is welded to the calliper arm so you cant swap it.

I used a long recessed mounting nut to fit the back brake that came with my fuji to the front forks. works great

I’ve mounted a front Dura Ace caliper on the rear- works fine except for the extra thread that is exposed.
Obviously you can’t mount a rear on the front though…

I assume you just got the nut from your LBS?

It’s the same bolt as used in the axle of a razor scooter.

You can get an extra long recessed nut to mount a rear on the front. Ask for a front nut that is for carbon forks

Yeah the guy dug around in a box for a little, then gave it to me for nothing