Reasonably priced (kinda) Brian Hayes Euro road bike.

Nice find!!

Oh man that looks like my size, my colour, actually in SA… Offf.

Would love to throw a modern group on this with a carbon fork and tb14 x record silver hubs

that is indeed, very nice.

Yep, def a good one.

is nice. decent buying if you plan to ride it as is.

I’d so the same, but keep the original forks.

+1. So are any of you croweaters getting this or what?

Not me. All my $$$ is tied up in house things right now. Someone should definitely get it though.

looks like a 56?

^ I thought more 54.

y’all tripping. 55.

Yeah was thinking 55

Gave them a text regarding more info, not reply as yet some 12 hours later.


i think it’s a 54.5 you goobs!

Sold. . . Anyone here get it?

original listing price?