Reasonably priced Klein.

Listed twice and hasn’t sold. Not bad for the starting price.

Klein Quantum Z 1993 Nebula Blue 55cm Nothing Compares TO A Klein USA in Hamilton, VIC | eBay

dat paint!

That paint is so awesome.

The bottom bracket is extended and offset to increase power train rigidity. Sealed bearings are directly press-fit into the precision-bored bottom bracket, creating a long life, maintenance-free unit.


‘Reasonable’ price is relative isnt it

Note I didn’t say it was a great price.

Be a deal if you got it near the start price. Semi interesting to me but just too far from too far away.

Built up a NOS one of these in the same paint a couple of years ago. Ex-boss is still riding it I think, nice in a 90s Aluminium kind of way. Pretty sharp ride.

I’m into it, wish it had ergo shifters though.

I’m currently midway through servicing one of these Quantams with Shimano 600 at work. It’s fluoro orange and has the press-fit bottom bracket Blakey mentions. The guy has owned it since day 1992 when he paid close to $3500 for it.

So much envy.

Is it a 58 or so? I used to see a guy going north up elizabeth street a couple years back with an original looking orange quantum.

Also, I didnt know about the offset bb

It’s a 55cm according to the Item Details.

With just 6hrs to go and no bids, someone could get it cheap.

^ think he was talking about the one Charlie mentioned he was servicing with 600…Yeha would be a good crit weapon with a nice new group, or at least 600 with STI…GO FOA STAT

Single bidder @ 350. Hope its a FOAer

good buyin

Nope, near unused 55cm with TT bars adapted. The guy paid for the service entirely in $10 and $5 notes…

Back on the market again… I guess no one is tempted by the 8hr round trip to pick it up.