Reasons why Gene is better than Nathan Haas

#1: Gene convincingly beat Haas in the 2011 Shipwreck Coast Classic

This is the greatest moment of my life.

is it now inappropriate to ask Gene if he races?

if so, do we have a new heckle for him?

gene has better tattoos.

Gene knows when to attack to ensure victory. Haas does not, as his second place in the Warny attests.

haas does not bring people coffee.

Gene loves a ristretto. Haas likes a cup-of-chino.

Gene signed with Hellkrew and then jumped to CyclingExpress in the transfer season, Haas couldn’t get a deal with these top tier teams and had to settle with Garmin-Cervelo.

gene overlooked our early differences.

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Fuck that thread is gold.

gene will snuggle when asked nicely.

gene ran the wickedest track event day ever.

brendan never unseal that thread its been forgotten for good reason,

steve im blushing…

ok thanks all thats enough

Gene is considerably more modest than Haas.

gene lends me money every weekend

that reminds me!

Who the fuck is Nathan Haas?


I don’t know Gene so he must be a nice guy. Haas otoh has to be a jerk because I’ve seen him on the telly.

Go Gene … whoever you are.

Is it Gene who works at Proud Mary?