I have a nice old colnago fork that I want to get rechromed because its got a bit of surface rust and looks sort of shabby. I was just wondering if anybody knows a good place to get this done (in melbourne). Would I need to strip it first? How much would it cost roughly?

i recently got a fork chromed at vinnies in dandenong, $90, wasnt impressed with it, so it’s at carrolls in brunswick and it’ll be ready in a week

erle got a fork rechromed in brunswick, just off victoria st. maybe the same place as you, Will.

yeah I got mine done in brunswick. It cost $80, they did a good jub, but took a few weeks on it.

Did they strip it for you erle or did you have to do it yourself? also do you know what the place is called?

has anyone here from Adelaide had anything chromed or have a place to recommend?