Recommend a BB tool...

Need a standard Shamano cartridge BB removal tool, preferably made of Adamantium . Im thinking of attaching a steel pipe to the handle so it has to be the strongest shite out. Money is no object as I’m sick of buying shit ones and I thought it was about time to invest in one after watching a guy at my LBS ,which shall not be named, break the 40cm handle of the shop tool. Cheeeeers .

i have a BBB one i think. It’s nothing special but does the job, if you use it correctly most brands out there should be fine, wouldnt stress about buying the most expensive one out there. How often are you really gunna be using it anyway…

Its more a case of I have a bb stuck in my fav frame. I’ve emptied an entire can of Inox in there and everything. I have a little more juice to put in but all the tools I’ve used so far have broken (BBB included) so this really is a second last resort. The last being booking it in to the lbs and making them go through all the pain and undoubtedly pay for it too. *In before needing a better lbs.

Have had success with LBS + air gun. Removing BB should be a cheap job man.

Are you able to remove any side of it at all?

A compressor, an air powered impact wrench and a jig to hold the frame in place.

Together they would make the most expensive tool for sure.

Steel frame and sealed Shimano bottom bracket?

Shit yeah, compressor for sure. Can’t believe I didnt figure that one. Thanks all, Muppet .

rattle gun on the socket or stick it in a vise and use the frame as a lever