recommend a brake lever?

just found some old nitto bars, shallow-drop slightly-moustachey ones, never seen them before, but i think they’d make great bullhorns if i flip them around.

problem is now i need some of those trendy little bmx style levers to fit on them. the old centurion i’m fixing up will have a fixed/free flip flop, so if i ever use the free hub i reckon i’ll want both brakes, but two levers on the bar tops sounds like ugliness to me… any suggestions?

can anyone recommend some nice levers that won’t look too out of place on an old bike? …that work well, and are really cheap, of course. the brakes are dia compe 500 side pulls.

dude, do you ever leave the house?

Get some of those diatech gold finger levers. They are the bomb!

Why do you need two brakes if you use a free wheel? I hear this all the time.

The back brake on my roadie is never used.

Just get one lever.


What do you do if you have a slippery surface, off-camber, with just a front brake?

trust the force, young skywalker :roll:

Once you’ve fixed it you’ll probably never ride it SS. Just get one of the diatechs and run it to a front caliper (I have a shiny black diatech that I no longer need, almost new. pm me if interested)

I ain’t no engineer so I can’t qualify what I am saying.

Personally, I would brake before the corner allowing me to brake in a straight line. And cause its wet I would brake lighter, for longer.

How would you do it with a rear brake in those conditions and what is your logic? Just interested

Sev. :slight_smile:

Tech 77 or Shimano DX ftw

i went for the easy option - a pair of no-name ones from cheeky transport.
capn commuter is right though - i’m pretty much never going to use the free wheel, it’s just in case i go somewhere with really steep hills… or something, i don’t know.

those goldfinger levers look sweet too, but until now i thought they only came in gold. hah.

I have a Diatech - Dirt Harry but a Paul Components looks the best

I have a pair of Avid Speed Dial… Yet to fit them, but they should do the job.