Recommend me a builder - Melbourne

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ok, i did a search and couldn’t find a thread dedicated to this question so…

i’ve got a new bike (thanks Rolly!) that i’m about to get built up - including getting a wheelset built.

who do you recommend in melbourne?



any dark horses at your LBS that are great?

be specific, support your answers…

Either the search is broken (I suspect it kinda is, I struggle to get results when I know the thread exists), or your operators were, this has been covered a bit.

Where do you live? Develop a good working relationship with a close by LBS unless your needs are super specific or you do a lot of complex / unusual work, in which case Dan @Shifter / Jesse @Speed Shop are the go to.

I would recommend:
Flemington - Cyclic Bikes, Evan (The Mad Hippie) is an occasional forum user and built Horatios CX and Moccos’ SSCX
Brunswick/Coburg - Commuter Cycles (build a lot of wheels and have in house frame mods) have done some fantastic builds for me and others, and multiple wheelsets. Plus the Friday arvo hangouts are rad.
South of the river - Shifter Bikes. Great wheelbuilder, excellent attention to detail and good at finicky jobs.

in collingwood, so looks like commuter is the go.

would have been stoked if shifter was still in collingwood as well.

You wouldn’t travel 5km for one of the best bike mechanics in Australia?

When you live on the this side of the river, Chapel St can seem a world away…

i’ve used both commuter and shifter quite regularly and unless you are after something super specific finiky to do with vintage campagnolo, there is no need to go south of the river, between tristan scott and hugh, there is very very little they dont know about cant handle and there wheel building skills are spot on

plus dans work while totally worth it usually incurs a bit of a longer wait than most other shops

plus dans work while totally worth it usually incurs a bit of a longer wait than most other shops

this is why i was not super hyped on using dan, much as he does something amazing work - i’m an impatient little fucker…

I reckon it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other.

technically true BUT one of them doesn’t involve punt rd…

haha, spoken like a true northside snob. so many ways to get southside without involving Punt Rd.

AstroboyRacer is within walking distance of your place. apparently does good work, though not particularly well known among this sub-set of cyclists.

Pony will do a good job. But I there is a bit of a backlog there at the moment, so if you’re hanging to get it done in the next fortnight maybe call ahead first.

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I too recommend astroboy racer, helped me with some mtb shit before.
Also, I know a great wheelbuilder in Hampton Park, and a great mechanic in Frankston. No help to you though.

i’m hopefully picking up my shamals from sasha this week. i’ll let ya know how they are.

and yes, she’s pretty booked up at the moment

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